LCT can provide a low-cost Project Management Service covering Telephone/Internet centres through to complete shore-based Ground Handling Management. We pride ourselves on forming partnerships with Clients, representing your company in the same way as you would represent yourselves.

The Benefits of Working with LCT

Customer Relationship Management

LCT deliver service in a way that puts your clients at the heart of your business. Customer Relation Management means knowing more about your clients, so you can help them appropriately. LCT can support the collection and analysis of customer-relevant information and make it available to the appropriate people within your organisation across all channels, giving you the data you require to assist with future business decisions. We offer this provision on a low-cost basis, with highly skilled personnel.

No recruitment problems

Using LCT Support Services means no problems with staffing and no worry regarding peak/low volume booking periods. Our contract will cover all your recruitment issues.


Business changes, marketing campaigns and implementing new technology done quickly and easily.

Access to state-of-the-art Web-Based Technology

Entee Global Services provide WebRes, a web-based reservation and operations management system designed to provide high-performance, low-cost, scalable business-related technology to Ferry Operators. It is the first reservation system designed with Internet distribution and secure system-to-system interaction.

Technical backup

We have qualified software engineers available, all who are experienced in the installation and support of various IT infrastructures.

Global Distribution Network

The Travel Gateway uses Entee technology to power the gateway and distribution service for the Ferry Industry and have many distribution agreements with travel agents, tour operators and the major GDS agents.

Integrated Packaging Solutions

Real-time travel packaging capabilities allow for the dynamic integration of different travel components – combining for example ferry transport and hotel accommodation to be offered through the distribution network.

If you would like to find out how working with LCT can benefit your business please write to us at: 2morrow Court, Appleford Road, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, OX14 4FH, UK.


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