Dover is the world's busiest ferry port, and the leading cross-channel port in the UK. LCT had been operating as the official port agent in the ferry port of Dover, on behalf of LD Lines, since early 2009.

LCT in Dover

LCT Dover provided check-in and marshalling services, as well as staffing in the Dover Travel Centre for LD Lines. Dover Port operates right at the heart of the UK's and Continental Europe's cross-Channel transport network, managing and piloting what has become one of today's busiest drive-on, drive-off terminals in the world.

The Port of Dover

Every year, Dover Port takes responsibility for over 14 million passengers travelling through the port, as well as other major shipping activities such as general cargo, cruising and a marina.

The history and origins of the Port of Dover can be traced right back to Roman times. Since then, the port has grown and evolved through the centuries to what it is today - one of the world's premier ports.

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The White Cliffs of Dover